Broadcast Experience


Dalkey Book Festival, Arab Spring Debate, 2011

Press TV, 'Undercover Muslim: A Journey into Yemen', 2011

House of Lords Debate, 'Saudi Arabia', 2010 - Part 1, Part 2 

BBC Radio 3: Night Waves, Interview on Fred Halliday, 2010

Press TV, 'Review of 'America's Kingdom: Mythmaking on the Saudi Oil Frontier' by Robert Vitalis, 2010

Al Hurra Interview, 2009

Chicago Public Radio, 'The Struggle with Modernity in Saudi Arabia – Worldview', 2007

ABC News, 'Saudi Royal Family Corruption', 2008 - Part 1Part 2

BBC Newsnight, 'Clash of Civilisations', 2001

BBC Newsnight, 'War on Terror', 2001